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If you haven’t joined one of our Coffee & Conversation webinars, you are missing out. This is where you get to learn from experts in every field — from beauty (top dermatologists and makeup artists) and fashion (top stylists) to health and fitness. We interview book authors and LinkedIn ninjas and organizational behavior PhDs. We make sure each Covey expert has real information to pass along to you so you leave with real take-aways — sometimes a download or worksheet. The best part: these events are live so you get to have all your questions answered right on the spot.

We do these virtual meetups over Zoom at regular programmed times that you can schedule into your calendar. If you can’t make the event, listen to the recording — whenever it is convenient for you. Check out our Events page to sign up for upcoming Coffee & Conversations. If you are a member of Nest with Covey or Rule the Roost, you can sign up for free. If you are not a member, you can buy a ticket to any future call for a small fee. (We won’t be posting the recordings from 2020 here till next year — but if you join Nest with Covey or Rule the Roost you can listen to all 2020 recordings in our CoveyConnect app.) Sign up for any future call by purchasing a ticket; just click on the event that interests you, here.

How To Lose Weight Without Dieting: Seriously!

In this Coffee & Conversation, CoveyClub founder, Lesley Jane Seymour, discusses the best ways to lose weight without dieting with Lyn-Genet Recitas, nutritionist and New York Times & International Bestselling author of The Plan, a groundbreaking anti-inflammatory nutritional protocol which has been published in over 15 countries. Recitas Lyn-Genet received her Masters in Holistic Nutrition at Clayton College. She and her staff of doctors and nutritionists have helped hundreds of thousands of men and women reach their best health by finding their chemical responses to food, not counting calories.

We are joined by Dr. Steven Zodkoy, board-certified chiropractor, nutritionist, and kinesiologist. Zodkoy is a nationally recognized leader in clinical nutrition and alternative medical care. His book, Misdiagnosed: The Adrenal Fatigue Link, exposed the underlying cause of many of today’s chronic health conditions. He is the director of Monmouth Advanced Medicine in Freehold NJ and developed The Resiliency Program for veterans with PTSD. Topics we cover include:

  • How anxiety and exercising for more than 20 minutes causes weight gain
  • How lack of sleep and stress can make you put on the pounds
  • What is burn out and how does it impact weight gain? Is this a different kind of burnout from what we knew in the ’70s?
  • We are told to eat foods that promote the normal cortisol and glucose pattern: what are those and who is this protocol for?

How To Build Your Personal Brand

In this Coffee & Conversation, CoveyClub founder, Lesley Jane Seymour, discusses building a personal brand with Jennefer Witter, PR maven, founder and CEO of the Boreland Group, and author of “The Little Book of Big Pr: 100+Quick Tips to Get Your Business Noticed”, and Touseef Mirza, brand and marketing strategy consultant, the Co-Founder of CoreConnect Conference Creative. Mirza also teaches at NYU and coaches personal branding. Questions we answer include:

  • What is a personal brand and why do you need one?
  • How can I discover what my personal brand is?
  • How can a personal brand help my career when it’s stuck?
  • How can I change my personal brand if it is having a negative impact?

Anti-Aging Beauty Tricks That Work

Enjoy this lively discussion with expert makeup artist and author, Carmindy Bowyer, 10-year veteran of TLC’s hit show “What Not to Wear”, author of four best-selling books (“The 5 Minute Face”, “Get Positively Beautiful”, “Crazy Busy Beautiful” and “Bloom”), and blogger at Joining her is Dr. Ellen Marmur, leading dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon. Marmur is a recognized and admired expert in skin cancer diagnosis and surgery, Mohs surgery reconstructive surgery, cosmetic surgery, and women’s health dermatology. In addition to her private practice, Dr. Marmur is an Associate Clinical Professor in both the Department of Dermatology and the Department of Genetics & Genomic Research at The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

  • What are the best skin care products for aging skin?
  • How do I cover my eye bags?
  • What do I do about sparse brows?
  • How should my makeup change after age 40?
  • What do you think about injectables?
  • What about Botox?
  • What is the best mascara for women our age?

Menopause Secrets and Solutions

In this Coffee & Conversation, CoveyClub Founder, Lesley Jane Seymour, talks with Dr. Barb DePree, founder of MiddlesexMD and regular contributor to TheCovey, and Dr. Laurie Birkholz, board-certified Family Medicine physician, and fellowship trained Women’s Health specialist practicing in Southwest Michigan.  Her practice focus includes menopausal and mid-life care, sexual health and office gynecology.  Dr. Birkholz believes in partnering with her patients to help them lead their healthiest and most fulfilling lives. Topics we cover include:

  • New treatments for vaginal atrophy
  • Vaginal rejuvenation: good or bad?
  • New research and treatment for hot flashes and low libido
  • How to be better patients so we can get more out of our doctors
  • What to do about vaginal dryness and painful intercourse
  • How can you get back to sex?

Thriving Through Divorce

In this virtual Coffee & Conversation, CoveyClub founder, Lesley Jane Seymour, discusses navigating life after a divorce with Elise Pettus, founder of UNtied, and Virginia Gilbert, licensed marriage and family therapist and regular contributor to TheCovey. Questions we answer include:

  • How do you get past your anger?
  • How do you cope without your kids in the first weeks/months?
  • Who gets custody of the couple’s friends?
  • How do you get yourself to a place where you even want to think about dating again?
  • How do you deal with his new partner becoming close to his family and your mutual friends?
  • How can I help/support my friend/sister/daughter? What isn’t helpful?

How To Become A Killer Presenter by Using Humor and Exuding Confidence

Boost your career by being the person your peers actually look forward to hearing present or speak! We discuss how to add humor and create better presentations at work with Robyn Hatcher, author of Standing Ovation Presentations. Hatcher is a communication consultant who transforms those with high potential into high performers by shifting their mindset and elevating their presentation and communication skills. Her 15 plus years in the entertainment field as a professional actress and film and TV writer, plus her experience as a certified Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, give her a powerful & nuanced combination of creative tools and scientific research that help you speak better on stage, off stage and in between stages.

We are also joined by Lynn Harris, founder of GOLD Comedy. Questions we answer include:

  • How can women be funny and still be taken seriously at work?
  • Why is it harder for women to be funny at work?
  • Can it be dangerous to your job?
  • How do you deal with nervousness about speaking?
  • What are the best practices for preparing really engaging presentations?

Women & Power: How to Get it, Wield it, Not Give it Away

In this Coffee & Conversation, CoveyClub Founder, Lesley Jane Seymour, talks with Beth Gullette, PhD., Managing Partner Contemporary Leadership Advisors, and Jessica Dawson, PhD., US Army veteran who has presented at Duke University, the Kenan Institute for Ethics, the United States Military Academy at West Point, and the Association of the United States Army. Questions we answer include:

  • Why do women still struggle in 2018 with exercising power in corporate America?
  • What issues are we bringing with us from our childhood that hamper us?
  • Will that change for the Millennials and after?
  • The Imposter Syndrome: what is it and do more women than men suffer from this?
  • What can we do to fight this? What books or exercises can help?
  • How do women who are comfortable with power grow it?
  • When and why might women give away their power? Do they know it?
  • Are there any ways to prevent us from giving away our power?

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