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Reading: #195 Reframing Your Career (After Burnout) to Make it New Again (Stephanie Smirnov)

#195 Reframing Your Career (After Burnout) to Make it New Again (Stephanie Smirnov)

February 17 2023

“It was more than just, ‘Oh, I need a break,'” says Stephanie Smirnov. “It felt like something deeper than that.” Many of us know the nature of burnout; that malaise between exhaustion and depletion that can raise its ugly head in either your work or personal life. Smirnov, who loved her work in PR for 30 years, suddenly found herself burned out and in need of a big change. “When I started to think about the things I loved outside of PR that fueled me,” she says, “I realized…I would love to do for others what executive coaches did for me. I love helping people discover their best.” But she loved the people she worked with and didn’t want to uproot everything. What did she do? She reinvented herself from within. Smirnov changed her perspective on her workplace by bringing a big new idea to her boss. That allowed her to completely reimagine and reframe her work within her agency as an executive coach. Listen in to her conversation with CoveyClub founder Lesley Jane Seymour to learn how she navigated overwhelm and reimagined her role inside the business she loved without leaving.


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Time Stamps:

2:50 – What drew Smirnov to a 30-year career in PR

11:00 – Experiencing burnout, her “Aha Moment” and how she made her pivot

19:20 – Smirnov’s mindset around failure

21:00 – Networking for beginners

26:20 – How to make a pivot within an organization

29:00 – Therapy and coaching – what’s the difference?

33:00 How do you know if you need an executive coach?

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