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Reading: #205 Reinvent Your Approach to Self Promotion In The Digital Age (Alice Draper)

#205 Reinvent Your Approach to Self Promotion In The Digital Age (Alice Draper)

May 12 2023

Do you ever wonder how the most popular speakers and coaches land guest spots on top podcasts? Writer and podcast publicist Alice Draper knows the secret sauce. “Let’s say you’re leaving corporate and you’re starting a business,” she says. “Look at the examples around you…you’re bringing your own unique value.” With podcasts becoming the new platform for information and visibility, it’s important for entrepreneurs to understand how to use podcast guest-speaking to enhance their personal brand. In this conversation with CoveyClub founder Lesley Jane Seymour, Draper shares her practical advice on creating the perfect pitch to secure great podcast appearances. She also provides a downloadable outline for crafting a compelling pitch and shares actionable steps to get started.


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About Alice Draper

Alice Draper is a podcast publicist who is on a mission to make publicity easy and accessible for underrepresented women entrepreneurs at all stages of their businesses. When Alice started building her business, she knew that publicity, in the right places, would garner her the authority she needed to position herself as a high-end copywriter. And so, she started pitching magazines like VICE, Refinery29, HuffPost, and Business Insider. This came with an unplanned skill — the art of the pitch — which is how she ended up pivoting her business towards publicity. She has been running Hustling Writers for over two years and in this time, she has secured her clients in over 500 podcasts including countless top 1% and top 0.5% podcasts. When Alice isn’t building out publicity strategies or thinking of new story angles, she is taking advantage of her location independence by house-sitting with her partner in places like Tbilisi, Nairobi, or Cape Town.


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