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Reading: #202 When Your Personal Reinvention Leads to Groundbreaking Change for Autism (Dr. Joan Fallon)

#202 When Your Personal Reinvention Leads to Groundbreaking Change for Autism (Dr. Joan Fallon)

April 21 2023

“When I think about reinvention, I think about finding talents, hidden parts of you that need to come out and be front and center,” says Dr. Joan Fallon. With over 20 years of experience researching autism and related disorders, Dr. Fallon founded Curemark, a pharmaceutical company focused on developing therapeutic treatments for neurological disorders. In this inspiring conversation with CoveyClub founder Lesley Jane Seymour, Dr. Fallon explains how her personal reinvention led her to changing the world of autism. Pass it along to anyone who needs to know about the groundbreaking work being done in the treatment of this disorder.


About Dr. Joan Fallon:

Dr. Fallon began her research on Autism and related disorders over 20 years ago and founded Curemark as a platform to develop product candidates to address her findings. Dr. Fallon has both clinical expertise and academic experience—the former from running a private practice specializing in pediatric development, and the latter as an Assistant Professor of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at Yeshiva University.

Dr. Fallon has played an integral role in two very successful (and unprecedented) medical ventures. She was an Oxford Health Plans board member and helped achieve underwriting authority from New York State, for alternative and complementary medicine where none had yet existed. She also helped implement a cost-effective, interdisciplinary health plan for Oxford that increased the level of quality care for all children enrolled there. Dr. Fallon has written numerous scholarly articles, lectured around the world on developmental problems in the pediatric population and served on the Board of Directors of the ICA and Kentuckiana Children’s Center. She serves as a Senior Advisor to the Henry Crown Fellows at The Aspen Institute, as well as a Distinguished Fellow at the Athena Center for Leadership Studies at Barnard College/Columbia University. She is also a member of the Board of Trustees of Franklin & Marshall College. Dr. Fallon holds a B.A. degree from Franklin and Marshall College, a DC degree from Palmer University, and has completed the coursework for the MSc in clinical investigation from Harvard University’s joint program with Massachusetts General Hospital.

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