Alexa Fischer (From Acting To Making Wishes Come True)

Reading: #142: Alexa Fischer (From Acting To Making Wishes Come True)

#142: Alexa Fischer (From Acting To Making Wishes Come True)

August 13 2021

“I was playing a lawyer. Fake blood was coming out of my mouth. Fifteen hours into the shoot lying on a filthy floor waiting for the director and sound, [I said to myself]: ‘What am I doing here? Is this what success looks like? I need to do something different…I have to do more.” So begins Lesley Jane Seymour’s discussion with Alexa Fischer, an actress (NCIS, CSI, Numb3ers, Bones), coach, and motivational speaker who is on a quest to “give wishes the power they need to become a reality.” Fischer said “a prayer to the universe” and a friend called looking for a media trainer. 126k students from around the world took Fischer’s courses on confidence and communication. Then one day in the shower she “heard and saw” the name Wishbeads. “I knew it was intention-setting jewelry,” she says. Dripping wet, she ran to the computer and grabbed the trademark and dot com and tried to figure out how to pull it off. Today Wishbeads ( allows customers to visualize their wishes, write them down, and roll them up and place them in a bracelet. “You wear the wish every day,” Fischer says. “When you see the wish you can focus on it.”