Reading: #99: A More Purposeful Way of Shopping (Bonnie Chan Woo)

#99: A More Purposeful Way of Shopping (Bonnie Chan Woo)

July 3 2020

Bonnie Chan Woo, Founder of WomanBoss, grew up in Hong Kong and the UK, moving into banking because “it sounds successful, like what a high achiever would do.” After segueing into the marketing and branding area of the bank and working with “the biggest brands in the world”,  Woo found herself frustrated when a client would reject her ideas. She left to create her own space where she could “feel creative, feel I was building something”.  It’s called, a platform “for women seeking the good life who are looking for merchandise from mission-led female-owned businesses.” Currently highlighting 26  brands from around the world, WomanBoss also tells the stories of the entrepreneurs who create the product and engages customers in the designer’s journey.  “Nowadays it’s all about being authentic,” Woo says. “Our Zoom calls are revealing what our houses look like. We are no longer dressing up. We have to bring our real self.”