Reading: #71: The Benefits (And Challenges) of Persistence (Candy Gold)

#71: The Benefits (And Challenges) of Persistence (Candy Gold)

November 22 2019

When (now) Broadway Producer Candy Gold (The Heidi Chronicles, Hadestown, Jagged Little Pill & more) was a novice reporter in Boston flying around the country to cover everything from politics to entertainment discovered she was pregnant, she knew she’d have to cut back her crazy job. She chose the perfect “mom job”: freelance. Which worked fine until the economic downturn of 2008, when all freelance dried up. A random television ad for a local cable station inspired her to pitch (and win) a slot for a self-produced show called “Neighborhood Cooking with Candy Gold”. Ten years later she leveraged that know-how and her experience producing local children’s theater into becoming a producer on Broadway, eventually winning several Tony awards. The trick to it all, she says: “Persisting.”