Reading: #116: Allowing Her Passions Lead Her Reinventions (Cindy Golbert)

#116: Allowing Her Passions Lead Her Reinventions (Cindy Golbert)

November 13 2020

“I’m a very passionate person,” says San-Juan-born Cindy Golbert, 77, who has just begun a new Vlog called Original Cin. Passion informs all of her reinventions throughout her lifetime as she moved from beginner at Young & Rubicam to tennis pro, to PR for a jet-set hotel, to real estate, to aerobics instructor (“I was the Jane Fonda of Puerto Rico!”), to fashion designer, to furniture restorer, to property manager, and through a variety of marriages.“The opportunities for reinvention are not just career-based, you can reinvent how you think and how you react to situations.” What she loves is watching the shy, unsure woman hide in the back of aerobics class eventually migrate to the first row as she gains confidence or restoring a broken heirloom to look like new. “My motto is, ‘Leave people and places better than you found them,’” she says.