Reading: #78: Reinventing the Sister Act (Julie and Royce Pinkwater)

#78: Reinventing the Sister Act (Julie and Royce Pinkwater)

January 31 2020

“The wonderful thing with sibling love is that it comes with a deep, deep trust. You know almost everything about each other.”

So says Julie Pinkwater, co-founder, with her sister Royce, of, a new premium oat milk with 15 grams of plant protein. Pinkwater, a former magazine publisher (who launched More Magazine), reinvented first into the real estate business, joining Royce, a real estate veteran, to create Pinkwater Select, a boutique agency sourcing luxury properties around the world. When Royce needed a new “level of learning and challenge”, she reinvented into the “highly competitive” drink business with a product called Bonta.

“We know each other’s skillsets and don’t overlap,” she says, noting that the sisters also have “a challenge all siblings have — you bring all your childhood baggage with you,” says Julie: “There’s lots of joy, laughter, and tough days, too. But there’s no backbiting or infighting.  Our biggest problem is constant snacking.”