Reading: #95: Reinventing After Losing Everything (Marla Ginsburg)

#95: Reinventing After Losing Everything (Marla Ginsburg)

May 29 2020

“In 2008 I got hit hard. I lost my derriere,” says Marla Ginsburg, CEO of The MarlaWynne Collection. “So I bought a sewing machine and started Googling ‘How do you thread a sewing machine.’” Ginsburg had spent her previous career on the production side of television, but taught herself how to create the kinds of clothes she wanted to wear, eventually selling them into Nordstrom, QVC and even Chicos. “I’m an accidental success,” she says, noting that the collection which she owns “has no debt” and will make $60 million in retail, even during the pandemic turmoil. “It takes passion to fuel change,” she advises.  “But you’ve gotta do your homework….And the most important thing is to ask questions and ask for help.”