Reading: #90: Everything is a Learning Opportunity (Meg Jordan)

#90: Everything is a Learning Opportunity (Meg Jordan)

April 24 2020

“You look at the way the fates dangle tiny golden threads and you grab them!” That is how Meg Jordan, PhD, RN, CWP, NBC-HWC, Chair and professor of integrative Health Studies at the California Institute of Integral Studies explains why — as the acronyms after her name show — she just can’t stop reinventing. “My mindset says there is no such thing as failure,” she says. “Everything is a learning opportunity.” Jordan, who calls herself a “social activist at heart,” began by working as a waitress in the Black Panther pubs, did LSD, rode motorcycles, became a journalist, “wrote commercials for celebrities with sagging cue numbers,” and created documentaries that aired on PBS. Her ability to reinvent comes from “the gumption” she got as a kid from an uncle who believed she could do anything. “I had the gaze of an adult who says you’ve got what it takes.”