Reading: #107: From Professional Skydiver to Life Coach (Melanie Curtis)

#107: From Professional Skydiver to Life Coach (Melanie Curtis)

August 28 2020

“Fun and excellence are not mutually exclusive,” says Melanie Curtis, who grew up with a pilot father and sky diving hanger and “drop zone” in her back yard but did not take her first jump out of an airplane until she was 18. “I believe love and hilarity are the two most important things in life. When doing deep work, we can hold space for each other and bring lightness and humor into the work as well.” Curtis, who competed professionally, believes that people can use physical bravery as a “stepping stone into emotional bravery” or it can be an avoidance tactic. She also believes teammates and learning helps us transverse “fear and feeling paralyzed.” Find out more about her at or