Reading: #108: OCD + Film Know-How = Her Own Organizational Show (Anita Devlin)

#108: OCD + Film Know-How = Her Own Organizational Show (Anita Devlin)

September 4 2020

“I’ve been OCD my whole life,” says Anita Devlin. “I realized that was why people liked having me come stay with them—because I reorganized their homes.” Devlin who has been a casting director, co-produced films, and sold luxury real estate put all her experience together and created We Heave Ho, a company that will do anything you need help with—from organizing your closet to cleaning out your barn or helping young adults decorate their first apartment. But even better: she makes comedic reality-show-style films about the process — starring you (and her!) of course! “I love working with people my age and helping them downsize,” she says. “The dynamics between the husband and wife… you’re the therapist, too.” The videos, she says, “get the conversations going.” She says: “It’s very rewarding to help people and when you walk away they feel orderly and clean.”