Helping Lawyers Reinvent: Julie Anna Alvarez - Reinvent Yourself Podcast

Reading: #53: Helping Lawyers Reinvent (Julie Anna Alvarez)

#53: Helping Lawyers Reinvent (Julie Anna Alvarez)

May 17 2019

She was a lawyer with degrees from Harvard who “loved helping others” more than practicing law. So she segued into feng shui then career planning. Now she’s the Director of Alumni and International Career Services for Columbia Law School and guides other law grads as they reinvent. Join CoveyClub founder, Lesley Jane Seymour, as she speaks with Alvarez about her unique ability to understand the barriers (financial, identity) and how to transfer a lawyer’s unique communication, analytical,  and personal skills into finding their real bliss. “Transitions happen at all levels,” she says, “five years or coming close to retirement. You take one step a day.”