Reinventing Because Of Life's Randomness: Lisa Lori

Reading: #56: Reinventing Because Of Life’s Randomness (Lisa Lori)

#56: Reinventing Because Of Life’s Randomness (Lisa Lori)

June 21 2019

“When you get sick, you learn about the randomness of life and you have to accept it and get on with it,” says Lisa Lori, owner of Perfect Provenance, a unique live and online outlet in Greenwich, CT.  Lori was a top PR maven creating memorable Absolute Vodka campaigns for Tom Ford and Gucci. Then at 33, she was diagnosed with an incurable autoimmune disease. “I had to rethink my life,” she tells Lesley Jane Seymour, founder of


After taking time off to recover, she started her own PR firm which took off. But 9/11 struck and her family lived just blocks away from the World Trade Center. Pregnant with a second child, she packed up her family and “drove to Connecticut and picked a spot.” When she turned 50, she realized she was “not dying” and decided to open Perfect Provenance which “offers unique things you can’t find elsewhere.” “Everything in America is about being huge,” Lori says. “But I employ 20 people and change lives. I take pride in that.”