Reinvent Yourself with Lesley Jane Seymour - #47: Rachel Lightfoot

Reading: #47: Resetting to Slow Life Down (Rachel Lightfoot)

#47: Resetting to Slow Life Down (Rachel Lightfoot)

April 5 2019

Rachel Lightfoot was flying high at Google and YouTube where she learned digital marketing from the ground up and taught it to Nike and Coca-Cola, even to celebrities like Will Smith. “I was living this fantastic life. I was on the fast track. I had a beautiful home, a husband. Before I had kids I thought, ‘My God, I’ve done it!’”

Once her children turned one and three, however, the feeling wasn’t joy and excitement, but “deep sorrow” because Lightfoot says her mind was “always on the job and the company’s clients.” Lightfoot, the family breadwinner, “decided what I needed was a reset.”

Lightfoot speaks with CoveyClub founder Lesley Jane Seymour about how she prepared (by saving six months of living expenses and putting a moratorium on shopping) and took the leap into Catchfoot + Run, a brand-building consulting company. One year later she is “100% more present in my life” and has “almost replaced my corporate salary.”


Episode notes:

Lightfoot’s top inspirational tips:

1. Start before you’re ready.

2. Create a mailing list – even if you have nothing to sell.

3. Read. Her most inspirational book: Playing Big by Tara Moore “which discusses two types of fear. One is true fear but another is excitement or awe when you go outside your comfort zone. I was excited and scared.”