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Reading: #62: Reinventing Through Fear (Ruth Soukup)

#62: Reinventing Through Fear (Ruth Soukup)

August 9 2019

“There are seven fear archetypes. One through three that are more prevalent. They are in your subconscious. You experience them as truth, not fear.” Ruth Soukup should know. She found herself at 24 divorced, abandoned by her family, having filed bankruptcy, and in so much despair that she couldn’t get out of bed. Her father (“who didn’t want me”) convinced her to start working out three times a week, and that “one step at a time, gave her a spark of hope.” Soukup called a new therapist, bought a dog, finished a law degree, became a blogger with 15 million fans and $5 million in revenue, and has been “med free for 17 years.” Today she is launching a book, Do it Scared: Finding the Courage to Face Your Fears, Overcome Adversity, and Create a Life You Love. “When you know it’s not right it’s ok to change paths,” she says.