Reinvent Yourself with Lesley Jane Seymour - #46: Tashyra Ayers

Reading: #46: Reinventing Through “Subconscious Surviving” (Tashyra Ayers)

#46: Reinventing Through “Subconscious Surviving” (Tashyra Ayers)

March 29 2019

She was a single mom at 14 and became the caregiver to her younger brother shortly after that when her mother passed away.  Yet Tashyra Ayers managed to create a career in the health care industry and start in a radio show on the side.

At 38, she is about to be an empty nester (Davon is off to college in the fall) and so will be reinventing again. Join CoveyClub founder, Lesley Jane Seymour, in an incredibly honest discussion with an amazing lifelong learner who says “Reinvention takes shape over a period of time at different points in our lives.” When times are tough, sometimes you have to go through “subconscious surviving” to get to the other side. Says Tashyra: “You can’t evolve if you’re not real with yourself.”