Reading: #112: Reinventing Himself In Order To Help Others Reinvent (Rob Moore)

#112: Reinventing Himself In Order To Help Others Reinvent (Rob Moore)

October 2 2020

I didn’t know who Rob Moore was before his Public Relations person approached me. But what a wonderful discovery! His podcast, “The Disruptive Entrepreneur”, has over 5 million subscribers, he has written dozens of business books, and coaches and mentors thousands of entrepreneurs. But what I love about him most is his awareness of his personal drivers: “I’m always trying to prove to my dad that I’m a worthy son and to the world that I have value.” He also describes himself as a “constant learner” (sound familiar?). Moore, who studied to be an architect, grew up working in his father’s bars and pubs, eventually getting himself into five-figure debt. When his beloved father had a nervous breakdown, Moore says it “changed my life.” He felt he “was a victim, was bitter, jealous and defensive.” But he figured out how to dig himself out of it all through entrepreneurship. At 41, he’s on his 5th “retirement” which he describes, as “not about doing nothing — but doing something new.” And he has a lot to teach women like us who are wondering if entrepreneurship is for us — or how to stay at it without burning out.