Robin Gorman - From PR To Tony-Nominated Broadway Producer

Reading: #143: Robin Gorman (From PR To Tony-Nominated Broadway Producer)

#143: Robin Gorman (From PR To Tony-Nominated Broadway Producer)

August 20 2021

What does a girl from Queens with a degree in PR do when she and her friends can’t find a date? She writes a dating guide: “How to Marry a Mensch”. What about when she becomes a mom at age 35? “I felt there was judgement about being a later-in-life mom,” says author, Tony-nominated producer, and love coach, Robin Gorman. “There was no sense of community.” To increase connections she created the site, “It’s not like I launched it and thought it would be a thing. It was very personal at the time.” In fact Gorman uses her personal pain points to invent solutions for others. “I connect people for the greater common good,” Gorman says. “I’m a little type A. Definitely a do-er…I’m not afraid to put things out there.” Gorman says she also tends to think big. “I think, ok, if I tried. I’m not afraid to fail if I really believe in what I’m doing. I go for it. It’s a personality thing.” To wit, her motherhood work led her to think there was a trend for mom shows. A highschool theater buff, she picked up the phone and called a theater in California that was producing a mom show. “I left a cryptic message introducing myself to the producers of the show. Weeks later they called me back.” When the show came east to New York, the producers invited Gorman onto the project: “I had a background in PR and a life-long love of theater and an understanding of the parenting space. It was a perfect fit.”