April 8th 2024 7:00 pm (EDT)

Tiny Habits for a Sugar-Free Lifestyle

Tiny Habits are a great way for you to accomplish just that. By creating Tiny Habits that help you shop better, choose better foods, and create substitutions, you can create small regular reliable actions that will help you remove this unwanted ingredient from your home and your lifestyle over time. CoveyClub founder Lesley Jane Seymour had to do exactly that when she was informed that her cholesterol was moving upward. Her doctor scheduled me with a dietitian where she learned about sugar’s connection to cholesterol. As a result of the cholesterol and sugar combination, many women are struggling with weight issues and metabolic issues–largely because of forces beyond their control. In this 5-week webinar, Lesley will help you understand the history of the sugar industrial complex, where sugar hides in our diets and what it’s doing to our health. You'll learn know how to create Tiny Habits to change your actions on a regular basis. Whether you have been told you have to remove sugar from your diet or you just want to clean up what you eat, Tiny Habits can get you on your way to your goals. It’s tiny steps – not drastic measures – that creates long lasting change.

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