Rewire Your Brain: Release Negative Behaviors that Hold You Back


Join us live on Thursday, May 2 at 6pm ET! A replay will be available 24hrs after the event.

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You may have heard the term “somatic” in the wellness space, but what exactly is somatic therapy – and how can it help us? Podcast host, author and coach Laurie James returns to Covey to dive into this topic! While the word “somatic” comes from the Greek word soma, meaning “body,” somatic healing often falls within the spectrum of mind-body therapy practices. You’ll learn how your emotional and physical experiences intertwine, how trauma shows up in the body, and what can happen when your nervous system is disjointed or impaired. You’ll leave with practical exercises and tools to help you regulate your nervous system so you can rewire your brain and release negative behaviors that might be holding you back!

Our Guest Speaker: Laurie James

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Laurie James is a mother, caregiver, divorcée, turned author, somatic relationship coach, and podcaster. Laurie’s podcast, Confessions of a Freebird, was inspired by her youngest of four children leaving the nest and the sequel to her book, Sandwiched: A Memoir of Holding On and Letting Go. Laurie’s book is about her journey from loneliness to finding belonging during a time when she was raising four teenage daughters, her mother had a heart attack, and her marriage began to crumble. Now Laurie coaches women in midlife and beyond looking to date and relationship differently. She helps her clients connect to their bodies and nervous system so they can work through their unresolved past and find more freedom and love in all their relationships. When she is not coaching clients or promoting her book, she can be found nurturing her free spirit by walking her dog, skiing, hiking, spending time with close friends or planning her next adventure.

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Join us live on Thursday, May 2 at 6pm ET! A replay will be available 24hrs after the event.

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