(Replay) Healing Conversations: How to be a Master of Communication


NOTE: This is a past event. Purchasing this class will give you access to the replay.

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We’re living in polarized times. We know being present and open-minded is critical when seeking understanding in our personal and professional relationships, but it’s hard not to let pre-conceived notions slip in. Research proves that when communication is practiced consciously, it connects us in ways that transcend differences and builds bridges of trust. In this class, executive speaker and communication strategist Michele Risa will explore how to:

  • Transform contentious conversations into connections
  • Develop trust
  • Strengthen our interconnection
  • Deepen your listening to your heart
  • Reveal a greater purpose

This class is for you if you’re looking to elevate your communication skills to build stronger relationships, achieve your goals, and communicate with authenticity and impact.

Our Guest Speaker: Michele Risa

Michele Risa, M.A., C.B.C.A., CEO and Founder of Collaborative Solutions, works with thought leaders and influencers to help them identify their deepest aspirations, and embody consciousness in such a way that they become natural change agents in a world that needs their talents, heart and intelligence.

An expert in Kundalini yoga and mindfulness methodology, Michele uses the latest neuroscience alongside ancient practices. She is a member of the Conscious Business Synergy Committee with Deepak Chopra’s Evolutionary Leaders, and participated in their first Conscious Business Summit in 2019. She hosts a CEO roundtable and helps companies shift towards greater sustainability, moving them from a single profit-only bottom line to a quadruple bottom line of profit, people, planet and purpose. Michele co-authored the award-winning book, “Conscious Entrepreneurs: A Radical New Approach to Purpose, Passion & Profit,” and has been a TV producer since 1998. 

A sought-after executive speaker, Michele has presented at the World Economic Forum, Viacom, Forbes, Barclays, United Healthcare and TEDx in Manhattan, including a 6-month program at the New York Stock Exchange. She is also a frequent radio and podcasts guest. She has conducted meditation at the United Nations and offers a meditation library online to foster lasting peace from the inside-out. 


NOTE: This is a past event. Purchasing this class will give you access to the replay.

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