(Replay) How to Lead From Your Most Authentic Self


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Who are you? Who are you, really? When you’re leading from your deepest, most authentic self–from your heart– people perceive you as honest and sincere and they will follow you. When you are not trying to manipulate your audience or put something over on them, people will trust you. And trust builds relationships and success.

In our class, Michele Risa, CEO of Collaborative Solutions, on track to help 1 million women by 2030, will share a system to help you identify where your most authentic self lies and where you are out of alignment.

This Life Map– a tool that she will make available to you– will allow you to leave with 3 actionable takeaways to apply to each dimension of your life: yourself, your relationships with others, and your impact in the world.

Our Guest Speaker: Michele Risa

Michele Risa is CEO and Founder of Collaborative Solutions, Inc since 1991. As a corporate consultant, she increases trust, engagement and loyalty, turning talent into a competitive advantage. Michele’s professional highlights include being CSO of Women Choice and Leadership Program Director of the Social Impact Incubator to generate employment for 1 M low-income women in MENA. As a member of AARW, she built business incubators in Russia. Today she joins the India-Turkiye business council in WICCI’s 500,000+ empowering local and global ecosystems in support of women’s enterprises and businesses. Originating from being a NYC court mediator, she helps bridge the gap in our polarized world with “Healing Conversations,” “Deeper-Dive,” and “360 Health” to shift from contention to connection, and create holistic well-being. Michele has presented at Mastercard, Microsoft, the World Economic Forum, Viacom, Forbes, Barclays, United Healthcare and TEDx in Manhattan, including a 6-month program at the New York Stock Exchange. She is an award-winning co-author of “Conscious Entrepreneurs: A Radical New Approach to Purpose, Passion & Profit.” Michele was honored to be invited to the Conscious Business Synergy Circle, a project of Deepak Chopra’s Evolutionary Leaders to further develop the United Nation’s SDGs by 2030.She is a former President of the Manhattan Holistic Chamber of Commerce. She is certified in PTSD, Breathwork, studied Reiki, Vipassana and EFT. She holds a M.A. from Columbia University. She is passionate about authenticity, and being the poster child for aging as a two-time marathon runner.

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NOTE: This is a previous event. Purchasing this class will give you access to the replay.

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