NEW DATE! Marketing for Humans: Bringing the Human Back into Marketing


NOTE this class has been rescheduled. Join us live on Wednesday, February 14 at 2pm ET

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There is so much to do in your marketing, including social media, email campaigns, and webinars. But how to keep the human in this equation? And how to make it doable and sustainable for you, a business owner? Good news: there is a way to simplify and humanize your marketing, something that will build trust from the first point of contact AND be doable. In this talk, Christina Frei shares the one secret to making marketing work for you that will have you thinking differently about your entire marketing approach. From case studies of successful professionals to discovering your marketing archetype (yes, we all have one!), this isn’t your typical marketing talk. What’s for sure is you will walk away with a much simpler, authentic approach to marketing that you can do every day

Our Guest Speaker: Christina Frei

Christina runs a boutique marketing practice where she helps solo business owners win at marketing by becoming authorities in their field with content-rich strategies. Her holistic marketing approach grew out of a lonely, chaotic time, when she moved to Boston to start her business. Out of this was born her Marketing Archetype system. Her 2022 TEDx talk includes some of this journey.
Outside of her work, Christina cold plunges like Wim Hof all year long with a large community of knuckleheads, reads British mystery novels, chases her dog around with a stuffed animal snake, meditates on a pink couch, and obsesses over the perfect cup of green tea, all in a seaside town just north of Boston.

NOTE this class has been rescheduled. Join us live on Wednesday, February 14 at 2pm ET

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