(Replay) Becoming Social Media Savvy: Mastering Instagram for Business


NOTE: This is a past event. Purchasing this class will give you access to the recording.

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Are you tired of feeling invisible and overlooked in the digital age? We get it! The ever-changing world of social media is frustrating and difficult to embrace. In this class with social media maven Stacey Birch, creator of Hot Flashes & Boarding Passes, you’ll unravel the secrets of perfect posing, elevate your iPhone photography game, and discover the best content creation apps that will make your posts shine like never before. From hashtags to captions and engagement strategies, you’ll leave this class with the tools to create compelling content that speaks directly to your audience.

Our Guest Speaker: Stacey Birch

This Canadian single mama and career bartender turned her passion for puppies, margaritas and the gram into a total midlife pivot. At age 50 I moved to Mexico, healed myself through dog rescue and started a thriving social media biz. It took a lovely combo of luck, determination, insanity and well, the magic of IG to completey start anew. It all started in 2020 when I won a scholarship to a social media bootcamp in BALI!! I was turning 50 and no longer wanted to settle. I had that midlife itch 😉 plus bringing barstar Bob his ranch dressing for a living definitely didn’t set my soul ablaze. 😂 That was the game-changer for me…being exposed to this entirely new world of digital nomads and content creators. I’m now almost 3 years in. I have helped countless people in different niches with their social media presence, one of my favorites being photographers. (I definitely learnt a trick or two from them 📸🤳🏿) And now I would like to in turn take all that I have learned and help others rewriting their stories, starting anew to truly embrace this free marketing tool and community builder called Instagram!!! I am launching a full course called the Midlife Social Savvy Course as well as hosting 1:1 personal branding retreats in Tulum Mexico…a content creator’s dream.

NOTE: This is a past event. Purchasing this class will give you access to the replay.

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