(Replay) Whittle Your Middle: 5 Strategies for Shedding Your Menopausal Middle & Revitalizing Your LIfe


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Of the many challenges we face while navigating menopause, weight gain is a persistent and troubling one. Sometimes called “menobelly”, centralized weight gain in our middle can leave us feeling frustrated and unmotivated. But that doesn’t have to be the case — we’ve called clinical nutritionist and Covey favorite Jacqui Justice to the rescue! In this class you’ll find out exactly what menobelly is, why it happens, and the most effective practices to help you kick it to the curb!

Our Guest Speaker: Jacqui Justice

Jacqui Justice holds an M.S. in Clinical Nutrition, as well as, a certification in Functional Nutrition. In private practice since 1996, Jacqui helps women worldwide now in her virtual practice. In addition to co-hosting a weekly radio talk show, Jacqui has been featured in various publications and a guest on many local and national radio and television talk shows. Jacqui specializes in Weight Loss Resistance, Menopausal Wellness and Digestive Wellness. She is passionate in her belief that success is dependent upon discovering and eliminating the root cause(s) of your health challenges so that true healing can begin. In addition, eating for your hormonal response to food and adopting the proper wellness mindset for reaching your desired outcome are equally as important. Her Mojo Mindset Technique is the heart and soul of her weight shedding and wellness programs. In addition to her private practice, Jacqui is a course author on DailyOm.com with her best selling Shedding Your Menopausal Middle, A Sweet Life Without Sugar and What To Eat After 40.

NOTE: This is a past event. Purchasing this class will give you access to the replay.

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