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Are you a life-long learner?

Do you feel like you’re itching to reinvent — your job, your hair, your body, your attitude (or, heck, all of the above!) — but you’re not certain where to begin?

Would you like honest tips and tricks from other women adeptly handling the challenges women over 40 face — from that increasingly elusive sleep, to the complications of aging parents and older kids, to the confusing metamorphosis of older skin and metabolism?

Have you realized that balance is a crock and that now is the time to make the most of all the wonderful things you’ve worked so hard for?

Covey, which means a small group of birds, is a gathering spot for accomplished, intelligent birds of a feather (like us!) who are charged up, excited, and ready to soar into the next phase of life. CoveyClub is for women who see their 40th birthday not as something to dread, but as a license to finally become their true, authentic selves.

The best CoveyClub experience begins with a Nest with Covey membership which subscribes you to the weekly newsletter called Letter from Lesley containing curated ideas, finds, thoughts and readings from our founder Lesley Jane Seymour. Membership includes an invitation to our new CoveyConnect app, free invites to our  Coffee & Conversation webinars, where we dig into issues that matter — from how to make LinkedIn really work for you to anti-aging beauty secrets from top dermatologists and makeup artists. You will also be invited to CoveyClub events (like our spa retreat) and salons around the country.

CoveyClub will connect you to women who want to expand their circles of friendship and business contacts.  CoveyClub will make you laugh, make you think, help you navigate obstacles, and inspire you to get going on your plans and dreams so you can make this second phase of life simply amazing.  Come join and bring your friends!