4 Secrets to age-appropriate dressing: insider tips from stylists

Reading: 4 Secrets to Age-Appropriate Dressing

4 Secrets to Age-Appropriate Dressing

A recap of our last Coffee & Conversation

By Lesley Jane Seymour

Leslie Hsu

Leslie Hsu (left) and Tania Sterl

Last week I sat down with Leslie Hsu and Tania Sterl, two fashion-forward stylists who have dedicated their lives to helping women look great. The topic was “How to Dress Age Appropriate and Still Look Great,” which is something that we all confront at one time or another, whether it’s embracing flats or a longer hemline. How we dress can be its own form of reinvention, as our bodies and our careers evolve. And let’s be real: comfort and confidence have to go hand-in-hand. For those of you who weren’t able to join us, here are some pointers you don’t want to miss.


White T-Shirts Are Always in Style

Stylist Leslie Hsu admitted that she has two whole drawers (!) of white t-shirts that she styles in different ways. You can style them with fitted jeans and accessories to make them work for daytime or night.


Dress To Impress in the Workplace – But Don’t Look Like You’re Trying Too Hard

A light blazer is important (especially a white one!) to look professional yet casual, especially during the warmer months (and also to combat hot flashes). There’s a difference between sloppy casual and casual chic! On the other hand, don’t look like you are trying too hard with a tight, bodycon fit.


Get the Right Bra for Your Bust

If you have a bigger bust, a t-shirt with a lower neckline will work better for you. Know where to shop for your bras and go in for a professional bra fitting to make sure you are wearing the right size. Suggested places? Check out Wacoal, True & Co, Lord and Taylor, and Bloomingdales.


Know Where to Shop

Leslie and Tania had recommendations for CoveyClub members on where to buy the best age-appropriate clothing. Some of their top picks:

Karolina Zmarlak

Wacol America


Don’t forget to check out Leslie’s Finds as well as Tania’s styling website for more recommendations! Join Nest with Covey and get free access to all the great Coffee & Conversations. Coming up on July 11: How to Lose Weight Without Dieting. Buy tickets here.



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