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Reinvention through a Weekend Side Hustle with Gilly Garrett


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She was the daughter of pharmacists and a busy copywriter in the beauty business.  She was also raising kids. But she loved making organic body scrubs and selling them at local fairs. Then she got in front of the buyer from Whole Foods and her reinvention through a weekend side hustle, Gilly’s Organics, took off.

Gilly’s Top Tips for Reinvention

1. Do It Now
You have the passion, you have the knowledge. Do it now. If it’s gonna fail, you’ll go back with something else. You’ll never know until you do it. You’ve got to put it out there; that’s the deal.

2. Listen To Your Intuition
There’s a time when all of a sudden I realized, almost like an intuition, ‘I better start treating my day like someone else is paying me.’ It wasn’t a dollar sign, like ‘oh when I make this much it’s not gonna be my side job anymore.’ It was more like a switch that went off, and I knew that I had to prioritize my own business over all the other things I was doing.

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  1. Stella segal

    I found this article inspiring and will come back for more. I am a software developer who always had a side passion for beauty and hair. Experiencing my own hair loss, I followed the road. Today, I made a decision to leave a corporate world and go into hair full time.
    I am battling fear of failure and any content like this is what I need these days. Thank you!

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