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Reading: Why Susan Feldman Started another Company after One King’s Lane


Why Susan Feldman Started another Company after One King’s Lane


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“I’m not done yet. I can’t imagine just sitting by the pool.”

Though Susan Feldman was a high-flyer in fashion (creating, among other things, swimwear for Ralph Lauren and Polo Jeans), it wasn’t until she moved to L.A., bought a home and had to decorate it that she hit it big. “We launched One Kings Lane in five months in March 2009. We sold it to Bed Bath & Beyond which just celebrated its 10th anniversary,” Feldman tells Lesley. But Feldman wanted to start over, even after such huge success. She launched Get in The Groove as a high-to-low “Lifestyle Destination for Age-Defying Women” selling cosmetics, clothing, accessories, vibrators, even a menopause registry.

Susan’s Top Tips for Reinvention
1. Set Boundaries
If you’re starting a new business, I don’t know how you can’t be living with it 24/7. But what I try to do is schedule regular workout times. I make sure that I’m going to those classes. When I have a meal, I make sure to leave my phone in my bag. I just think you have to give yourself some boundaries along the way. But the reality is you’re starting a business and it’s all consuming. But if you can somehow create things that work for you and things that make you feel healthier and better, it’s a way to give yourself a break.

2. You Have to Keep Learning
You have to be open to that process, and know that you can do it. I love the fact that I’m learning all these things. I actually coded our email this week. All that stuff is actually liberating, when you can do something you couldn’t do before. It’s definitely harder to learn as you get older, but it’s just a muscle that you have to keep pushing.

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