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Reading: #167 Reinventing After 50 to Recover Your Life’s Passion (Jennifer Lewis McKay)

#167 Reinventing After 50 to Recover Your Life’s Passion (Jennifer Lewis McKay)

April 1 2022

Jennifer McKay is no stranger to reinvention. Born and raised in New Orleans, she completed a communications degree before moving to Los Angeles and starting a twenty-year career in marketing. Later, married with children, she moved with her family back to Louisiana and a new career as a stay-at-home mom. After five years, however, McKay was restless. She knew she needed to get back to work but the idea of returning to corporate America was daunting. Her reinvention as an entrepreneur began when her sister started a direct sales company. Soon, McKay was part of the #1 skincare brand in the country, raising a team of consultants and building her own organization within the company. Listen to her conversation with Covey Club founder Lesley Jane Seymour to discover how McKay rediscovered her passion for fine art in her 50s and embraced her identity as an artist. “It’s such a personal thing to create,” McKay advises. “And it’s such a generous thing to offer for the world.”


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Jennifer McKay is a Louisiana artist currently living in Lafayette, LA. Her abstract art consists of mixed-media paintings and sculptural pieces.


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Time Stamps:

2:33 – Growing up in New Orleans and starting in marketing

3:20 – Stay-at-home reinvention 

5:00 – Starting sales with older sister

10:48 – Working up to the top of the company

11:38 – The art of failing 

13:28 – How you can balance success and stress

17:37 – Why you need a mentor

23:20 – Joy and learning 

27:05 – The importance of positive self-talk 

30:50 – Success at any age