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Reading: #171 Reinventing Yourself All Over Again From Scratch (Kathleen Smith)

#171 Reinventing Yourself All Over Again From Scratch (Kathleen Smith)

September 2 2022

Kathleen Smith’s first career was as a lawyer, particularly an assistant prosecutor working in juvenile justice in New Jersey’s Hudson County. Smith loved her work, but after giving birth to the second of her three children her career became overwhelming, and she gave it up to raise them. After fifteen years away from her industry, Smith found herself with no connections and no idea what to do next. Feeling stuck, she decided to reach out to other women in the same predicament for inspiration. She traveled around the country interviewing women on video, a project that grew into the lifestyle website MorphMom.com. Smith went on to teach classes and speak at conferences before launching a radio show, a podcast, and most recently a television show. Listen in to her conversation with CoveyClub founder,  Lesley Jane Seymour, to learn how she handled the challenges of starting all over from scratch and mastered working from home in a post-Covid world. Smith also shares her advice for starting your own business and for avoiding the mistakes most people make when first stepping into entrepreneurship.


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Kathleen Butler Smith is the founder of morphmom.com. After graduating from Holy Cross and from Georgetown Law, she served as an Assistant Prosecutor in Hudson County, New Jersey for six years. She stopped working following the birth of her second child, and later discovered that re-entering the workforce would be difficult. Kathleen quickly noticed that she was not alone and that there were, in fact, many women who found themselves in a similar position, struggling to discover their next step, be it work related, volunteer-based, or simply rediscovering their passion. She began to chronicle the inspirational stories of women (whom she named “Morphmoms”) who had managed to chart their own course with the hope of helping other women do the same. Since its launch in 2012, Morphmom has become a platform to promote and to support these women and their remarkable stories. Kathleen and her husband, Jim, have three children in various stages of leaving the nest.


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