Reading: #173 Helping Women Scale Their Business to $1 Million (Eleanor Beaton)

#173 Helping Women Scale Their Business to $1 Million (Eleanor Beaton)

September 16 2022

“Money is power,” Eleanor Beaton’s mother told her at a very young age. “Always make your own.” Growing up in Nova Scotia with an economist father, Beaton learned all about finances. She began her career in advertising, where she opened her own communications consulting agency before later reinventing herself through business journalism. By her mid-20s she had brought her love of storytelling together with her passion for personal development and founded SafiMedia. An acronym for Self-Actualized Female Innovator, SafiMedia aims to double the number of female founders who scale past $1,000,000 in revenue by 2030. Ten years after creating SafiMedia, tragedy struck when her father passed away from a sudden illness. In this conversation with CoveyClub founder Lesley Jane Seymour, Beaton discusses the dissolution of ambition she experienced at the loss of her father, how her grief became the catalyst for reinvention, and her advice for women who are ready to take the leap into entrepreneurship. Now the host of the Power + Presence + Position podcast, Beaton helps other women reinvent their lives and their careers on a daily basis.

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Bio: Eleanor Beaton is the founder of Safi Media, a business coaching and advisory firm for women entrepreneurs. Eleanor and her team provide business coaching, learning programs and custom content to thousands of women entrepreneurs globally, as well as the conferences, associations and corporations who champion them. Eleanor and her colleagues at Safi Media are on a mission to advance global gender equity by doubling the number of women entrepreneurs who scale past $1M in revenues by 2030. In addition to running Safi Media, Eleanor hosts one of the country’s top-ranked podcasts for women entrepreneurs, Power + Presence + Position. Eleanor’s work has been published or quoted in publications including The Globe & Mail, The Atlantic, CBC, Chatelaine and Readers Digest. She has spoken at conferences and events throughout Latin America, North America and Europe.


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