Reading: #177 Teaching Others How to Deal with their Anger (Doug Noll)

#177 Teaching Others How to Deal with their Anger (Doug Noll)

October 4 2022

Doug Noll claims he can calm an angry person in 90 seconds or less. Growing up in an affluent Southern California community, he was born with many disabilities: partially deaf and almost blind, he couldn’t walk until he was three years old. Although he had a loving family, the community and society at large didn’t fully understand how to interact or connect with a disabled child. Noll  cites learning to overcome his physical disabilities and emotional turmoil as his introduction to reinvention. Watching his father go through bankruptcy and rebuild himself as a stockbroker gave him a second window into reinvention. Eventually, Noll went on to become a trial lawyer for over 20 years, learning martial arts, tai chi, and energy healing work in his free time. By his mid-40s he had chosen to go back to school for a master’s in peacemaking and conflict studies. Walking away from a ten million dollar law practice, Noll  chose to become a mediator. Working in prisons, courtrooms, and beyond, he developed a simple technique for calming anger in less than a minute and a half. “Once you start doing this, you start to change yourself,” Noll observes. Listen in on his conversation with CoveyClub founder Lesley Jane Seymour to learn how you can adopt this simple technique and bring more peace, compassion, and authenticity into your life.

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Bio: Doug Noll speaks about and teaches people how to solve difficult, intractable, and highly emotional problems. He was a business and commercial trial lawyer for 22 years before turning to leadership development, problem-solving, and peacemaking. He is a Senior Consultant with Mobius Executive Leadership and maintains a high-level mediation and arbitration practice.

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