Reading: #178 Reinventing Your Creativity as a Luxury Business (Jane Pollak)

#178 Reinventing Your Creativity as a Luxury Business (Jane Pollak)

October 8 2022

When Jane Pollak began taking art classes in college, she never expected to launch a 30-year career off of a creative Slavic tradition. In 1973 she created her first Ukrainian Easter Egg, was profiled in the New York Times, opened her business, and in less than 10 years was commissioned by the White House. Thereafter known as The Egg Lady, Pollak built a career on the intricate carving of designs into an egg form before reinventing her creativity in textiles. Throughout her journey, Pollak faced a challenge many creative entrepreneurs struggle with: having the courage to price her work at value. Listen in to her insightful and vivacious conversation with CoveyClub founder Lesley Jane Seymour to learn how Pollak overcame her fears and created a luxury business from her own creativity.


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Bio: Jane Pollak is an artist who creates limited edition, luxury custom textiles that enchant and wow their owners. Her mission is to bring works of beauty to the world using the finest materials, original designs, and a lifetime of spirit and creativity. Jane’s unique sense of color and composition make her wool appliqué creations worthy additions to top designer rooms, collector’s acquisitions, and tastemaker’s recommendations.

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