Reading: #179 Stop Letting Fear Guide You! (Jessica Joines)

#179 Stop Letting Fear Guide You! (Jessica Joines)

October 12 2022

“The truth in your heart is more real than the one that you see.” These are the words that catapulted Jessica Joines from a high-powered marketing professional to a service-based business owner. After college, the Bay Area-native did what many young people do: she chose an advertising career out of necessity. But by her mid-30s, burned out and poised for a reinvention, Joines traveled the world in search of her passion. “I was seeking to find that place that would make me happy,” she says, “not realizing that it was an inside job.” In this conversation with Covey Club founder Lesley Jane Seymour, Joines reveals the unique strategy that helped her get out of her head so she could follow her heart, found the Women’s Purpose Community, become an author, motivational speaker, retreat leader, and spiritual executive coach. Listen in to discover her tips for preventing fear to guide her.

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Bio: Jessica Joines is a former Global CMO turned bestselling author, spiritual coach and international speaker who helps women awaken to their true power and potential. Through speaking, coaching, and a community platform she empowers women to transform their lives by mastering their own spiritual journey.


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