Reading: #180 How to Make a Leap in Your Career Reinvention (Dana Hilmer & Wendy Perrotti)

#180 How to Make a Leap in Your Career Reinvention (Dana Hilmer & Wendy Perrotti)

October 17 2022

“The thing that’s holding you back is what you think you know for sure,” says Wendy Perrotti, one half of the dynamic coaching duo behind Camp Reinvention. Her co-founder Dana Hilmer agrees: “We humans don’t love uncertainty, but being in that place…that is the birthplace of possibility.” After years of running their own independent coaching practices, Hilmer and Perrotti created Camp Reinvention to help women over 50 stop “should-ing” and live their best lives. In this conversation with CoveyClub founder Lesley Jane Seymour, they break down the many barriers women face to reinvention (including pre-set ideas of what’s possible), how they can correct them, and what they need to take the first steps towards their dream careers. Listen in as they explore topics like redefining success, giving ourselves permission, debunking the myth of fulfillment, and much more.


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DANA HILMER is a certified coach, positive psychology consultant, speaker and trainer and is passionate about helping women live courageously so they can build their dream and love their life. Dana is no stranger to reinvention herself as “middlescence” is when she finally listened to her heart and stopped “shoulding all over herself” to do the work that she loves today. Dana has been featured on hundreds of radio and television shows across the country and she speaks on topics related to mastering your mindset, optimal living, the habits of success, and creating the life and work you love. Dana lives in Madison, CT with her husband and their three teenage boys. To receive free tips and videos to help you create the life and work you love, go to


WENDY PERROTTI is a Certified Professional Coach, speaker, and leadership trainer with over 25 years of experience in helping individuals and groups nationwide to affect change in themselves and others. Wendy believes anything is possible when you know what you want and “you’re all in” and she navigated her own successful reinvention when she realized her vision of success had nothing to do with the company she spent years building. Wendy is a sought-after speaker and the author of the forthcoming book, Reclaiming Muchness: Tap into a Life of Love, Purpose, and Connection. To receive big doses of actionable inspiration, sign up for her Mindful Monday Newsletter at


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Time Stamps

5:07 – Should fulfillment really come from your job?

8:37 – The Great Resignation is becoming the Great Regret

14:45 – Why Dana left advertising for positive psychology

17:00 – What holds women back in their second half

25:38 – Turning the Great Regret into the Great Reinvention


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