Reading: #182 From The Army to Arming Entrepreneurs for Success (Laura Noel)

#182 From The Army to Arming Entrepreneurs for Success (Laura Noel)

October 28 2022

Born in Queens, Laura Noel moved to the Pennsylvania Amish country at 10 years old. Restless and troubled, she longed to get away from her difficult home life. College found her spinning her wheels until she discovered the Army ROTC. A former Marine, her father suggested the Air Force. Twenty-eight years later, Noel was a seasoned service professional with a master’s degree in arts administration. During her time in the service she felt a longing to find her purpose and began teaching yoga, and mindfulness. Noel learned that following her curiosity was just as important as following her career path. In this conversation with Covey Club founder Lesley Jane Seymour, Noel discusses the reinventions that led her to creating Stretch Into Success, a consulting firm that combines leadership techniques with mindfulness coaching to help entrepreneurs find success and fulfillment.

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Laura Noel is a Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt and certified Proctor Gallagher Institute coach and facilitator who works with individuals, groups and companies in reaching their potential and achieving their personal and professional goals.

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