Reading: #183 Turning a Personal Passion for Art Into Unique Travel Experiences for Women (Suzanne Randolph)

#183 Turning a Personal Passion for Art Into Unique Travel Experiences for Women (Suzanne Randolph)

November 4 2022

Suzanne Randolph has lived a life surrounded by art. Growing up in Harlem, she would tag along to dinner parties with her mother’s artist friends. Later, Randolph majored in art history and received an MBA in design strategy before going on to work for the New York City government and the not-for-profit art world. Art became a comforting presence and she traveled the world in pursuit of it. Although she had a successful career as a fine art advisor, Randolph felt that there was something missing from her life. She turned to reinvention. In this conversation with CoveyClub founder, Lesley Jane Seymour, Randolph shares how her reinvention led to recognizing a travel needgap for executive women, and how she set out to fill it with the Alix Experience, a company that creates unique travel experiences.  Randolph reveals her advice for other women setting out to turn their passion into a business.

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Bio: Suzanne Randolph’s well-established career in the visual arts began with an early commitment to bringing the works of individual artists from around the world to corporate settings and public spaces within the public and private sectors. More recently, she has integrated the forward-looking principles of “design thinking” as a way of expanding SRFA’s business strategy and as the framework for development of ALIX, a global resource, which addresses the specific needs of executive women through the creation of meaningful experiences for its members.

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