Reading: #185 The Year That Made Me Rethink Everything (Claudia Dreifus)

#185 The Year That Made Me Rethink Everything (Claudia Dreifus)

November 18 2022

What if your entire life fell apart in the space of a single year? For Claudia Dreifus, that what-if became a reality. Growing up in New York, Dreifus was a student at NYU in the ‘60s and deeply involved in the Civil Rights movement. She built a career as a journalist, a craft she had practiced since she was a teenager. But in 1992, her life was upended. Dreifus broke up with a toxic boyfriend, sold her house, left her job, and was forced to start over. Listen in to her conversation with CoveyClub founder Lesley Jane Seymour as she explains why this “trifecta of personal change” forced her to reinvent both her career and her personal life. “You have to look around, you have to see what’s possible,” advises this writer and professor at Columbia University. “You’ve got to plant in different fields so that one of them bears fruit.”

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Bio: Claudia Dreifus is an American journalist, educator and lecturer, producer of the weekly feature “Conversation with…” of the Science Section of The New York Times, and known for her interviews with leading figures in world politics and science. She is adjunct associate professor of international affairs and media at the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) of Columbia University.


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