Reading: #188 From Technical Writer for Railroads to Stand-Up Comic (Jennifer Turbo)

#188 From Technical Writer for Railroads to Stand-Up Comic (Jennifer Turbo)

December 19 2022

We’ve all had that seemingly unrealistic dream that seems to be waiting on the other end of corporate life. The lawyer who wants to be a novelist; the accountant who longs to be a chef. For Jennifer Turbo, her reinvention took her into that dream space – and made it a reality. Previously a technical writer for engineers and software developers, Turbo’s heart was in stand-up comedy. Listen in to her conversation with CoveyClub founder, Lesley Jane Seymour, to find out how, using a step-by-step approach (including relocating to a new city after a personal tragedy), she turned her dreams into a reality. “Here’s a spoiler alert,” says Turbo: “Nobody knows what they’re doing. And quite frankly, that’s what makes it fun.”

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