(Replay) How to Be Happy for No Reason


Join us live: Wednesday, September 13 at 2pm ET. All registrants will receive a copy of the recording.

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What if three simple, common practices could help us slow down, reconnect with our energetic selves, and enable us to live a more joyful life? Peiming Sun, trained molecular biologist, Tiny Habits coach, and founder of SUNNY Life Solutions experienced her own transformation in midlife and in this class she’ll guide you to unlocking your own best life. Combining both Eastern and Western techologies and philosophies, she’ll introduce you to her SLOW formula for positive change after midlife. You’ll leave this class with the tools to root yourself in your gifts, transform your false beliefs into resilience, and live with more authenticity, clarity, and joy.

Our Guest Speaker: Peiming “Sunny” Sun

Peiming Sun/Sunny, founder of SUNNY Life Solutions, was originally from Taiwan, and has lived in the USA for over 30 years. She calls herself an East-West Navigator who knows and practices the most effective strategies from both worlds as her own lifestyle. Trained as a molecular biologist, a Tiny Habits certified coach, and a Gene Keys Guide, Sunny has experienced her own 3-D to 5-D quantum transformation in her 50’s and decided to guide others who are seeking ultimate positive changes after midlife. As a result of collaborating with Sunny, her clients can live with sustainable life energy, re-remember their rooted essence and gifts, and transmute false beliefs and struggles into acceptance and resilience to impact more lives with authenticity, clarity and joy. Sunny offers personalized or group coaching programs and online virtual events in both Mandarin Chinese and English to support her clients to effortlessly implement simple & effective life hacks into daily routine based on their divine designs, become in sync with the Universe, maintain life energy and live with sustainable peace and love.

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Join us live: Wednesday, September 13 at 2pm ET!

Can I get a recording of this class?

Yes! The recording will be sent out to everyone who purchases a ticket to the event.

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